Disabling Mezzanine Comments

I was working on further developing a website that is built in Mezzanine and needed to completely disable the built in comments. As far as I know there is no setting that controls this so I wanted to figure out the easiest/most efficient way to do this. Obviously I could go through every template that used the comments_for template tag and remove it (removing the comment form from the associated page), but that would make it more difficult to re-enable comments in the future if so desired. What I ended up settling on was creating an empty generic/includes/comments.html and then adding the following line to my project's url.py:

    ("comment/", page_not_found),

page_not_found is imported from django like so from django.views.defaults import page_not_found

The result of the two above actions is that the comments form is never rendered (comments_for simply renders an empty template) and even a clever person familiar with Mezzanine couldn't post a comment because /comment/ now produces a 404.